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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Why is she getting me all germy?

A little boy asked me that question tonight.  We were at the Epilepsy Foundation meeting.  The speaker had been up front a little more than half an hour - Grace was getting restless.  I got her out of her stroller and she proceeded to crawl across the floor, lay down for a rest, touch the walls, tried to pull herself up on a chair with wheels - but figured out that wouldn't work.

A boy came over to play.  Police car in hand.  He would zoom the car by Grace crawling on the floor.  She would crawl after him.  If she got too near he'd zoom the car a little faster.  At times Grace would find something else to do - but always she would return to the car and the boy.  He made direction changes - and she followed!  She crawled up close to him to look at the police car he held in his lap.  She placed her two year old Grace teething goo drenched hand on his cheek.... and that's when he asked me the question.  I said - she wants to be your friend.  He asked if she could talk... when I said no he asked if she could nod..... again I said no.  Then he took off with the car - Grace in tow.

Thank you God for boys who wonder aloud about why a girl wants to get them germy.... and then continues to play.  Seriously....thank you!  Love Joy

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Joy said...

Don't you wish we could all keep that innocently curious perspective?
Continued blessings...